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Iceberg on water with mountains in the background.

Team HB6 Canada


We are women in STEMM embodying a new model of leadership to empower our communities and protect our planet. Follow our journey as we join a global network of trailblazers driving positive change.

Iceberg with a penguin on top.

Land & Language

Team HB6 Canada acknowledges and protects the history and vibrant activity of Indigenous Peoples and communities across Turtle Island. We are grateful to all Indigenous communities for their protection of Mother Earth. We honour the diverse knowledge and voices calling for us to better care for this sacred land and preserve it for future generations with the same respect and dignity they have shown. From the territory of the Myaamia in the South to the Inuvialuit, Vuntut Gwitchin, Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in, White River, and Kluane territories in the West; through Inuit territory in the North and that of the Beothuk in the East, we would like to recognise and acknowledge the lands and waters that make our hearts good.

Team HB6 Canada also acknowledges that our website is presented in the English language. We recognise that our readership may not speak English as a first language and we are happy to receive any questions, clarifications, or suggestions through our contact form here.

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