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October Meetup!

Team HB6 Canada x Team HB3 Canada

On Oct. 14, we had a fantastic evening chatting with Carol Aziz, the lone Canadian member of Team HB3 (2018-19)! Carol gave us some great insight into how the Homeward Bound program has evolved over the years, as well as her experience being the only Canadian (though adopted by her North American teammates). She certainly got us longing for Antarctica!

We were also happy to have fellow Team HB6 member Jessica Mukiri join us! Jessica recently moved to Canada from Kenya to pursue her doctorate at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Image description: A screenshot of our Oct. 14 team meetup over Zoom. Top row, from left: Jennifer Copeland, Nia Fernandez, Amy Goodbrand. Bottow row, from left: Carol Aziz, Jessica Mukiri, Linda Lara-Jacobo. A banner over the top features the Team HB6 Canada name and logo.

Seeing more Homeward Bound faces in Canada has made us more eager to collaborate, starting with local initiatives here at home. Time to do some brainstorming!


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